Remarketing and retargeting

Approaching website visitors a second time is one of the most effective ways how to not lose a true potential client.

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Remarketing campaigns

It would be silly to lose potential clients who have already visited your company’s website and have seen its’ offer. That is exactly why you must definitely use the wide possibilities offered by remarketing or retargeting, also known as repeatedly approaching a website’s visitors.

A remarketing campaign allows to display ads to those who have seen your company’s content or have visited your website, and to those who have performed some type of action: submitted an application, made a request etc.

Remarketing channels

Search results

By using remarketing to display Google search results, your company can make the campaign much more effective. How reasonable and effective! The search result ad is displayed right in front of the eyes of those who have visited your website before.

Google Display Network

You have the chance to place an ad on the Google Display Network which contains several million websites and applications. Your ad will be seen by people who have visited your website before but had not made a purchase or a request yet or have not left information about themselves in any other way.

Youtube remarketing

Youtube remarketing presents you with a chance to demonstrate ads to the Google Display Network users that have seen your company's videos. Imagine this – they watched a video about a company's offer and now you are reminding them of the advantages of this offer in other resources.

Individual Remarketing

Do you have thousands of contacts? Company email lists can be used for remarketing opportunities creating highly personalized and accurate ads for specific audiences.

Our approach to remarketing – precision, strategy and effectiveness

The funnel model approach allows us to optimize the advertising campaign solutions to the needs and goals of the potential clients in every phase of the sales cycle.

The tools and strategies we use allow us to display the ad in different channels that are used by the potential client. This, of course, significantly improves the effectiveness and the obtained results.
Based on the information we obtain about your potential clients, for example, what pages they have visited, we can create appropriate visual and content advertising solutions that suit their needs, interests, and wishes.
The network of websites, applications, social network and other online resources with the possibility to place ads in them, is truly extensive. The more thoroughly we will research your target audience, the better we will be able to use this network for your company’s benefit.
By using the retargeting or remarketing approach, your company’s ad can appear in different tertiary sources. Even if the client will not immediately make a purchase, the effect of presence will help your company to promote sales and brand popularity in the long-term.
By emphasizing the key information, for example, a discount, end of a sale period, a restricted application term, etc., remarketing can help us to also create ads that will encourage immediate action from the client.
We optimize every campaign to our clients’ needs and specificities. We spend time to acquire and analyze data on the potential clients since we are able to plan and ensure more effective campaigns than our competitors in this way.

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