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Facebook advertising services

We help companies to maintain a healthy relationship between advertising, sales, getting the attention of the audience and providing useful information by creating Facebook stories and Instagram ads.

Advertising strategy

Before creating an advertising campaign, we do full research on the industry your company operates, like finding strengths of the company as well as other information, including statistics data, audience and results from previous campaigns.
All of this information allows us to create an effective, result-oriented advertising strategy.

Publications and texts for advertising purposes

Each publication is like a single drop in a glass of water — on the one hand it is insignificant, but on the other hand the glass becomes fuller. We create Facebook and Instagram content based on exactly this principle — the content is creative, understandable and interesting and will help to reach your companies goals. Stylish and of course aligned with-in the image of your company that it could only benefit from!


With the help of presentation, we create feelings and cause action, a surprise effect, positive emotions, attract attention and so on. It all depends on your campaign! A great presentation, of course, is necessary for the whole campaign, especially for the landing page where an internet user is one step away from becoming a client.

Competitor monitoring

We want to know what your competitors are doing and how they do it as our goal is to help your company be and look the best. Before the advertising campaign and story creation, as well as during the whole cooperation process, we perform competitor analysis and monitoring.

Improvement of the landing page

Landing pages determine approximately 50% of the effectiveness of the campaign. When implementing each campaign, it is necessary for the landing page to correspond with the basic requirements. However, we can improve it during the campaign based on statistics data, also known as the campaign's intermediate results.

Campaign optimisation

So you would think we developed it, implemented it and now we wait. This is not how we work! We do not wait for anything! We act if during the campaign we spot a correlation and things that could be improved to increase the conversion amount and campaign effectiveness when analysing the data. Tomorrow must be better than yesterday!

Advertising on Facebook
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