Video filming and editing

Video is the most popular and effective way to transmit information on the internet – through your company’s website or social networks. Reach a new audience with professional video content.

Esiet gatavi saņemt labāko piedāvājumu?

Include video content in your company’s marketing strategy

Use video content to attract more customers, improve SEO and communicate more effectively about your company’s products or services. Our team offers a wide range of video recording options, as well as a full-service package from camera and drone filming to editing, captioning, voice recording, etc.

Why invest in video content


Internet users are watching videos more and more. Content differentiation will help your company reach a wider audience.


Creating videos with professional cameras, drones and editing has never been more convenient in terms of both time and cost.

Wide applicability

Video content can be used on websites, for communicating on social networks and in advertising campaigns.

SEO and credibility

Video content will help improve your company’s SEO position. It will also help you gain more credibility for your business.

How we can help your company reach more customers with video content

While we offer a number of standard solutions, the requirements and needs of each of our clients are individual, so we adapt to them to achieve the best results.

You can create your own video script or entrust this to our specialists. The script plays an important role in creating a video, enabling us to identify potential visual and other solutions.

Videos can be created from both stock footage and original material filmed with a camera and drone. Internet users prefer original content, and we also recommend it, but the choice remains yours.

There are wide possibilities for creating voice-overs and captions. You can choose your preferred voice timbre as well as the language in which information is conveyed.

Our specialists will carry out professional video editing: sound, video/photo processing, captioning, intros/outros, etc.

Our equipment and professional experience enable us to create exceptionally high-definition videos. They can comprise material filmed with both a professional camera and a drone.


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Price plans

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Video length up to 30 sec. up to 30 sec. up to 1 min. up to 2 min.
Video material: your photos / videos or stock footage
Filming with a camera
Filming with a drone + 50 EUR + 50 EUR
Editing and sound processing
Graphics (logos, intros / outros)
Licensed music
Captions and informative text
Script your own your own your own your own
We create the script + 50 EUR + 50 EUR + 50 EUR + 50 EUR
Number of video edits 1 2 2 3
Voice-overs – the price varies according to your preferences
Video production price 320 EUR + VAT 450 EUR + VAT 650 EUR + VAT 900 EUR + VAT

Additional information
Every project has its own needs, so these price plans provide a general idea, outlining how price formation works. Projects may vary according to delivery time, filming time, location and production process.

  • Video production time: 1–2 weeks depending on the project’s complexity
  • Price plans do not include travel costs if filming takes place outside Riga.
  • The raw footage is available at an additional cost.
  • Prices may be amended according to unplanned changes during project implementation; we will let you know about this in a timely manner.

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