Advertising on the Google Network

Effective advertising to reach the short-term and long-term goals for your company
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Advertising on the Google Network

Our certified specialists will help you to achieve your business goals by strategically planning out and implementing campaigns, display, remarketing, Gmail and YouTube communication.

Few steps to Google advertising online

We go through standard steps before starting any Google Ads ad campaign. We align them with you and apply the best Google Ads solution to your business.

Advertising strategy

We chose an appropriate Google Ads advertising strategy by considering the client's budget and set goals. Our goal is to achieve the best by using your allocated advertising budget: more purchases, calls, e-mails, applications and all for the lowest possible cost of course.

Website audit

We understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website, suggest the necessary improvements so that the website could be more effective. We can also perform these improvements ourselves so that the costs of reaching the goal would be lower.

Setting up conversions

At the beginning of the campaign, we set up all possible target actions on the client's site — contacts, purchases — and connect them to Google Analytics and Google Ads. After completing these goals, we continue further optimisation of the campaign.

Campaign development

Developing a Google Ads campaign in accordance with the confirmed strategy. Setting up remarketing, creation of micro conversions.

Creation of advertising texts

Creating advertising campaign texts based on the client's website, specific industry and advertising requirements, so that the client's advertising texts would stand out and attract more website visitors.

Landing page improvements

Improvement of the landing page based on the advertising campaign's results: Google search and conversion indicators. The goal is to achieve more conversions for a lower price and the website must be prepared for this goal.

Campaign optimisation

Continuous data analysis, conversion cost assessment, making changes to achieve better results and adapt a better strategy. Tomorrow must be better than yesterday.

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