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What Are Facebook Lead Ads About and How It Works?

Facebook Lead ads are a fast and efficient way to receive quality information about Facebook users matching your target profile, grab their attention and get them as customers of your company.


Facebook Lead ads are an effective addition to any marketing event and advertising campaign. This is the most efficient way you can reach your company’s target audience, because once you received the information about social media users, you will be able to customize your campaign to reach Facebook users and get them as customers of your company.

Facebook Lead ads options are very diverse and customizable, thus they are suitable for companies in almost all industries: car dealers, service providers, training providers, etc. These ads are efficient in initially getting more acquainted with your target audience and then tailoring your offer to their interests and needs.

How It Works

1. Visual Design of Facebook Lead Ad

At first glance, Facebook Lead ads look like any other Facebook ad consisting of a headline, visual content (video or photo) and a Call to Action (CTA). The main distinction, however, is that the Call to Action is linked to a contact form.

2. Contact Form

The contact form may be tailored to the specifics of your company and the goals of the campaign. It is filled in automatically based on the user information available to Facebook.

3. Information About Potential Customer

As soon as a Facebook user fills in the application form, the information about him/her is shared with you, and thus he/she has become a potential customer of your company. In exchange for the contact information, your potential customer receives valuable information, the opportunity to take a test, subscribe to news or another unique content. You can download data as CSV about potential customers who have filled in the application form and connect to your company's CRM using Facebook API.

Advantages of Facebook Lead Ads

A catching content
that better attracts
potential customers than
standard ads.

Form fields may be
tailored to companies of
any industry and the
campaign goals.

Opportunity to
address a very specific
Facebook audience.

Opportunity to
automatically optimize
your campaign costs.

Easy and secure
access to the filled-in
forms. Possibility to
link with the
company's CMS.

A Few Examples of Using Facebook
Lead Ads by Companies

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