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Our experience in the management of Google Ads accounts

We have been planning Google Ads campaigns and perform management of accounts since 2013, and we help clients in more than 20 countries to grow their businesses. Among our clients are companies from various industries, from doctors in private practices to industry equipment sellers throughout the world. In 2015 we received the Google Premier partner status.

“Our cooperation is oriented towards achieving the best result possible, therefore we register everything that can be registered (purchases, calls, PDF downloads etc.) and perform an analysis of this data to offer ways how to achieve improved results.

We believe in success. But more so we believe that knowledge, experience and an individual approach is a far safer key to success than a belief in success. Do you want to find out how we can help your company to achieve better results? Call us or send us an e-mail!”

Jānis Kursītis

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Google API

Google API is a system developed by us that is connected with Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts so that you can easily and effectively manage the results of your campaign.

Communication with the client

We constantly check the progress of the campaign, analyse it and discuss the options to make improvements to the campaign together with the client. We want to inform you about everything and offer solutions.

Profit from an investment

Cooperation must follow the return on investment (ROI) principle. This is why we will suggest only those solutions that bring results. We are oriented towards a long-term cooperation and growth of your company.

Optimization and recommendations

We perform campaign optimization by taking the set goals into account. The campaign tomorrow must be better than yesterday. Likewise, we will be proactive and suggest to perform other improvements that might affect the campaign results.

How we deliver great results

After we get to know your company’s goals, our specialists will find the best keywords to match your budget and rival what your competitors are doing. We also monitor the keyword performance during the campaign to adjust the strategy when needed.
As a Premier Google Partner, we can assure you that we apply all our knowledge and experience in driving the maximum amount of leads to your website within the specifications you’ve set (region, audience, budget, etc.). Our goal is to reach the best results with the lowest possible price per click.

Along with Google advertising, social media advertising and remarketing is the way to maximize the effectiveness of each pound/euro spent. Such ads will help you support your Google Ads campaigns and raise awareness about your brand.

We’ll ensure that your business gets the most out of pay-per-click advertising by regularly and carefully monitoring the campaign’s results. We’ll ensure that the right keywords are used and that if there are any shortcomings, they are fixed right away.

If your company’s marketing manager or another agency has already planned pay-per-click advertising, we can perform an audit to deliver you valuable information about possible improvements, cost reduction and more conversions.

When working with our team, you’ll get transparent and regular results about each and every campaign. You’ll also be able to analyze the results in order to take strategic marketing and sales decisions.

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