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Our team of specialists will help you achieve your company’s goals in the digital environment. Do you want to attract more customers? Sell more? Promote company visibility? Find out how we can help you!

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How do we help companies reach their goals faster and more efficiently?

Our team includes experts in strategy, Google and social network advertising, and SEO. We use effective tools and proven strategies that enable us to see many steps forward and avoid the typical mistakes beginners make.

Our areas of specialisation

Digital marketing strategy

We’ll develop a strategy that will give you the best return on investment in attracting customers.

Social networks

We plan and implement result-oriented communication activities and advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Website usability

Shortcomings in your website may be preventing you from getting your desired result. We evaluate and address issues related to website usability.


We perform a competitor analysis to show you the strengths of your company in the digital environment. Use them to get results!

Video ads

We create professional videos for advertising and placing on your website: tutorials, stories, interviews, etc.


We provide professional consultations on any issue within our areas of expertise.

Advertising planning

We plan effective and result-oriented advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We provide reports and recommendations.


We write copy for advertisements, videos and websites in Latvian, Russian and English. We also provide quality translations into other languages.

Reach potential customers

JKonsult – a digital marketing agency whose experienced team will help you achieve your goals effectively!

We’ve been a Google Premier partner for almost 10 years, providing effective advertising campaigns for businesses in a variety of industries and in various languages.

To achieve results, we use the most appropriate ad formats for each client: videos, banners, search results, etc.

Maintaining Facebook, Instagram and other social network accounts, which includes creating regular and strategic communications and reports.

We provide a full range of services from information updating, account maintenance, copywriting, visual material design and consulting.

Lead ads are a fast and effective way to get quality information about internet users matching your target profile so as to grab their attention and turn them into your customers!

We use different tactics and strategies that always depend on the scope of your company and the goals set.

Targeted video ads that will be seen only by the audience you want in a particular place, time, and volume. Our experienced specialists will help you develop strategic advertising campaigns on YouTube from ideas, text and video.

Using the opportunities offered by Yandex to promote your company in CIS countries. Our experienced specialists will help you develop strategic advertising campaigns, including videos, text, etc.

Our team offers a wide range of video recording options, including a full-service package from camera or drone filming to editing, captioning, and voice recording.

You’ll get high-quality videos that fit your advertising campaign perfectly.

Creating different banners in HTML5, GIF, JPG, and PNG format, taking into account the requirements of the specific channel. We’ll create a banner design that matches your company’s style and campaign.

What to do better and how? Is your website suitable for investing in advertising and attracting potential customers? What is the most effective advertising channel and format for your company’s products or services? What resources should be taken into account to achieve your goals? Our extensive experience and knowledge will help you get answers to these and many other questions!

JKonsult – digital marketing agency

In three words, we would describe ourselves as earnest, effective, and sustainable.

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