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Advertising on Instagram


Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is a social network with a very high involvement from its users. If your company's products or services are relevant for Instagram users, then this is the channel that you need to use right now!
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Address, accentuate your product, service on Instagram

Regardless of whether the goal of your company is to promote the sales of products or services or if you simply wish to increase its popularity, Instagram offers extensive and effective advertising possibilities. Just like a member of the Facebook family, it provides advertisers with effective tools to define the target audience and to showcase the ad to true potential clients specifically.

How we can help to reach your potential clients on Instagram

We can help your company to create not only effective ads on Instagram, but also the full communication model from A to Z in order to help you achieve the marketing and sales goals of your company.


Out content specialists will help you to create content strategy for your company's communication on Instagram. This included ideas, stories, visual solutions and others that, of course, will be designed based on the short-term and long-term goals of your company.

The number and loyalty of followers

We will help to grow the number of followers of your Instagram account by placing ads and a relevant and exciting content. Of course, we will pay much more attention to increasing the loyalty and involvement in communication of the followers.

Collaborating with influencers

Do you wish for your product or service to be noticed by a larger number of Instagram users? We will help you to choose and find effective and interesting cooperation models with influencers.

Visual solutions

Completely safe! We will be able to create both content that will be noticed by the loyal followers of your company's Instagram account, and ads that will allow new potential clients to notice the products or services offered by your company.

Planning and reports

We will provide your company with reports that will regularly reflect the funds invested and results achieved. Our goal is to perform improvements after every cooperation phase as well as during the process in order to achieve even better results.

Improving your landing page

Improve your landing page based on the results of your ad campaign: search and conversion rates. The goal is to get more conversions at a lower cost, and your homepage needs to be ready for that.

Campaign optimization

Continuous analysis of data, tracking conversion costs, making changes for better results and better strategy. Tomorrow must be better than yesterday.

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