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Factors affecting the cost and agency cost of maintaining Google Ads account
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What factors affect the cost of Google Ads

The main factors that influence the cost of Google Ads are the industry you are working in, the country you want to advertise on, the competition, the quality of the website, the current SEO positions on the website. Of course, there are many other factors we will tell you in person.

Goals set

The goals you set also determine the budget needed to achieve them. Is your goal to be the result of Google's search selection? Or are the goals to win new customers? There are industries where new customer value is high and competition is fierce. In such industries, spending on your goals will also be higher.

Setting up campaign

Setting up a campaign is the work you need to do to start each Google Ads campaign. Define goals, set up the homepage, Google Analytics, Google Ads, ad text, campaign creation. All of this must be done before your Google ad starts working online.

Company positioning

As a result of Google's selection, there are four Top positions above the organic selection result. Being in the Top positions means not only attracting more customers but also costing more. The desire to be the first, second all-time on Google Ads selection result will increase your advertising budget costs.

Banner Ads - Remarketing

Your ad budget will definitely increase with the use of remarketing. Remarketing will attract more attention from visitors to your website, your offer will be more noticeable, and thus your sales opportunities will increase.

Term of the Cooperation Agreement

erm of the Cooperation Agreement
Contracts in the standard are 3-6-9-12 month cooperation agreements, the cost of concluding a 12-month contract may be slightly lower than that of a three-month contract. It takes time, campaign optimization, results from aggregation, strategy change, data analysis, etc. to achieve a good result, and sometimes changes are noticeable on the first day of Google advertising, but on average, quality work on Google advertising, stats, goals business).

Time spent by the Agency

The bigger the goals and the challenges, the more the agency has to work to achieve the goals you set. As your advertising budget increases, so does the amount of work the agency invests in, which of course affects the monthly cost of maintaining your Google Ads campaign.

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