Cooperation process

Easy, understandable collaboration for success.
First discussion

A virtual or face-to-face cooperation process starts with a dialogue. You tell us what you wish to achieve, but we tell you about our specialisation and what we can help you to achieve.

Company analysis

Before offering solutions, we will look at the specific nature of your company, results already achieved and assess your competitors.

Strategy and agreements

We will choose and offer a strategy most appropriate and effective for the specific nature and goals of your company and the campaign budget. Feel free to comment and ask questions!

Campaign development

We will create a campaign, set up conversions — prepare everything necessary for it from A to Z to achieve the goals set by you and all that within your desired budget.


We will regularly assess the achieved results and perform improvements, if necessary, during the campaign in order to achieve more conversions at lower costs. (Amended text.)


We will provide you with campaign result reports. We will explain every item to you and provide advice for improving the campaign. Everything can be improved, right?


We will do everything possible so that our cooperation helps your company to grow and the continuation of our cooperation begins here.

Cooperation term

Cooperation term is one of the matters we must agree upon. Know that we are flexible. However, in order for us to help you achieve the best results, we would like to invite you to follow our recommended cooperation term which is at least six months.

Agency fees

Agency fees depend on the campaign goal, market — local or international — and on the advertising budget since all these factors affect the work hours spent by our specialists towards the development of the campaign. The best cost efficiency indicator is guaranteed.

Experience and guarantees

We have experience in advertising since 2006, and we developed our first Google Ads campaign in 2010 (then — Google AdWords). We guarantee that we will perform and provide an involvement and attention of 100% so that your company would gain the best result possible for your allocated advertising budget. Our client campaigns are only planned by certified Google Ads and Google Analytics specialists who improve their knowledge regularly.

Recommendations and communication

We do not usually sit quietly and work by ourselves. We often contact the client, ask questions, look for and offer solutions. Often our specialists present suggestions and recommendations, for example, for improving the landing site etc. We can help to carry out these improvements ourselves! Our regular clients hold this in high regard. We hope you will appreciate it as well!
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