Cooperation process

Easy and understandable collaboration for success

A virtual or face-to-face cooperation process starts with a conversation. You tell us your goals and we tell you what we specialise in and what we can do to help you achieve them.


Before offering solutions, we will look at the specifics of your company, results already achieved as well as assess your competitors.


We will choose and offer the most appropriate and efficient strategy for your company considering it’s specifics, goals and budget for campaigns. Feel free to comment and ask questions!


We will create a campaign, set up conversions and prepare everything necessary for it from A to Z to reach your set targets. And all that within your budget.


We will persistently monitor progress and achievements during your campaign and make any adjustments needed along the way to get more conversions at the lowest cost possible.


We will provide the campaign result reports, explain each section and offer solutions to improve the campaign. There is always a room for an improvement, right?


We will do everything possible so that our cooperation continuously helps your company grow and develop. Here is to the beginning of the journey!

Cooperation terms

Cooperation terms are one of the matters we must agree upon. Know that we are flexible. However, in order for us to help you achieve the best results, we would like to invite you to follow our recommended cooperation terms which are at least six months.

Agency fees

Agency fees depend on the campaigns goal, market — local or international — and on the budget for advertisement. All these factors affect the working our specialists spend on developing the campaign. The best cost efficiency indicator is guaranteed.

Experience and guarantees

We have experience in advertising since 2006 and we developed our first Google Ads campaign in 2010 (then — Google AdWords). We guarantee that we will perform and provide an involvement and 100% attention so that your company would gain the best result possible for your allocated advertising budget. Our client campaigns are planned only by certified Google Ads and Google Analytics specialists who improve their knowledge regularly.

Recommendations and communication

We don’t sit quietly and work by ourselves. We communicate with our clients, ask questions, look at any issues that may have come across and offer solutions. Our specialists present suggestions and recommendations, for example, to improve the landing page etc. We can help to carry out these improvements ourselves! Our regular clients hold this in high regard. We hope you will appreciate it as well!
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