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"Busienss is about the solving people's problems, with a profit" /Paul Marsden/
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Since 2013 the daily work of JKonsult team is everything related to digital advertising and creating feedback from it to our clients. We carefully register and oversee results in order to perform optimisation and improvements... For our clients this means a more efficient process of attracting clients a higher business development potential.


Jānis breathes in advertising and breathes out results. If we're being serious, he is a certified Google Ads and Google Analytics specialist with more than 13 years of experience, broad knowledge and his hand on his heart to help any client to achieve results.

Google Ads

Kintija, our certified Google Ads and Google Analytics specialist, has more than 5 years of experience. During this time, she has helped our clients to grow and develop their company. And not only to our clients! She has helped us as well!

Google Ads

Everything related to conversions is Rihards' craft. Our certified Google Ads and Google Analytics specialist will help you to understand each conversion indicator in order to offer the best results for improving them.

Google Ads

Jūlija will help you to create content for ads in Russian and English. She has perfect knowledge of the specifics of these languages so that she could help you to concisely and precisely hit the target when speaking to potential clients.

Social networks

You can safely entrust the story of your company to Dainis. He is practically the Shakespeare of social networks and SEO. Dainis will adjust to your company's style and specific target audience. Yes! Our Dainis is like a chameleon.


The key things are user-friendliness and effectiveness. Beauty is a subjective factor. Ruslans designs modern web and banner presentations following the style of the company, goal of the campaign, the specifics of the product and the target audience etc.

Google Ads/Customer management

Karolina is a skillful negotiator. She finds the most appropriate solutions for clients' goals. Karolina can evaluate the complexity of campaigns beforehand because she is a certified Google Ads specialist.

Web Developer

Maris is a code man. Works with PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Java, HTML. Really like WordPress and Modx, but can freely use any open source. As he writes each line of code, he thinks about SEO and optimization.

Google Ads/Analytics

Andra has worked for Google Ads direct support for a long time, so she can ensure ads meet the strict requirements of Google. She systematically finds solutions even to the most challenging situation

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Lauris always starts Facebook ads creation from the customer point of view: “Why would I buy it?” When customers feel respected and valued by the business, they are more willing to make a purchase.

Customer management/Strategy

Regina develops strategies for structured and smooth advertising campaigns. She ensures friendly communication. For many of our customers, a conversation with Regina was the first step in increasing their sales.

Key events at JKonsult
JKonsult begins its operations

The CEO Jānis Kursītis with an expansive baggage of experience and knowledge establishes JKonsult to help companies grow.

First international conference

First international conference where JKonsult representatives participated. Since then, our employees regularly visit international digital marketing conferences and seminars in Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland etc.

Google Premier Partners

We became Google Premier partners. This means that we officially acquired a status which means high-level services and effective advertising campaigns for our clients.

The year of big data

We developed and published our platform and started working with Google API by collecting data from Google Ads and Google Analytics API. Plus, we started working with several clients in the United Kingdom.

Google award

We received the Google award 2017 EMEA Mobile Ads Certification Challenge Winner.

We started collaborating with companies in USA

Since 2015 we work with clients in the Middle East, since 2016 we have been expanding our activity in Western Europe, but in 2018 we started planning advertising campaigns for clients in the USA.

Our team grows

A programmer and an artist joined our team at the office so that we could provide a full service range for creating advertising campaigns on our own.

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Orientated on result
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