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Maintaining your social accounts as if you were doing it yourself

Creating a company story, attracting the right followers, promoting products, services, organizing competitions, addressing website visitors. We maintain social accounts in Latvian, Russian, English.

Communication in the style you want

Choosing different strategies for maintaining social profiles based on the customer's business and potential customer profile.

Advertising strategy

Advertising strategy
Before creating an advertising campaign, we research with great interest the industry in which your company operates, the strengths of the company, and other information, including statistics, audiences, and results from previous campaigns.

All this information allows us to create an effective, result-oriented advertising strategy.

Publications, advertising texts

Each publication is like a drop in a glass of water - as if tiny, but the glass is getting fuller. On the same basis we are developing Facebook and Instagram content - creative, understandable and interesting content that will help achieve the company's goals. And, of course, the style and visual solutions that fit the corporate image!

Competitor monitoring

We want to know what and how our competitors are doing because we want to help your business be and look better! We conduct research and observation of our competitors before the advertising campaign and storytelling and throughout the collaboration process.


Through design we create feelings and trigger action, a moment of surprise, positive emotions, attract attention, etc. Everything depends on your campaign! Of course, great design is needed for your entire campaign, especially your landing page, where the Internet user is one step away from becoming a customer!

Improving your landing page

The landing page accounts for about 50% of the campaign's effectiveness. Each campaign requires its landing page to meet basic requirements, but we can improve it during the campaign based on statistics or campaign results.

Campaign optimization

We made, launched and waited. It doesn't happen to us! We don't wait for anything! We act when we see things that can be improved during the campaign as we analyze the data to increase conversions and the effectiveness of the campaign. Tomorrow must be better than yesterday!

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Remarketing campaigns

It would be foolish to miss out on potential customers who have already been to your company website and are familiar with what it has to offer. That is why you should definitely take advantage of the extensive remarketing or retargeting opportunities, or re-addressing your website visitors.

A remarketing campaign lets you show ads to people who have only seen your business content or been on Your website, or who have taken an action: an application, a request, etc. c.

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